Wintry makeup ideas: snow at dusk

This one is easy. Sheer out an icy blue or white all over the lid and crease (up to the browbone, if you want), then make an ombre winged eye with the yellow at the inner corners and blue on the outer section, blending them together where they meet.

If you want the look to be super graphic, you can use mattes - the two on top are Fame and Bulletproof from concrete minerals. For both, I strongly recommend picking up NYX’s matte white primer; these colors look patchy on every other primer I’ve tried. If you want to go shimmery, you can grab as loud or soft a blue as you want. The shimmery yellow is Lemon zest, and the greyed blue is Dusk Blue and the navy is Monaco Blue, all from my beauty addiction. (If you don’t want to shell out for a yellow eyeshadow you’ll rarely use, a yellow-toned gold would also work well here.) The bottom color is TARDIS from shiro, which is still available but, I think, a limited edition.

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